The Emotional Point

Being a child is exciting and so liberating. You do not concern yourself with the opinion of others and its mostly negative connotations. My favourite saying is “adulthood is a scam" and it really is.

As a young lady, I have always wondered what was acceptable and what I can do to be acceptable to society and those I care about. I am a practicing Christian which means this should not even be a question for me. With the habit of always criticising myself for not meeting the expectations of others and not allowing others smile no matter what even if it means having to be in emotional pain, I find that I have lost my original self. The little girl who cared not about what anyone says and was firm enough to always challenge the status quo has been gravely missed. I long for that girl and her can-do spirit that makes everyone approaching her know she is more than just a little girl.

In trying to be an adult, I found that I lost my originality. I had so many people telling me to grow up. If only I had listened to my little inner voice that kept the little girl out, I believe the extreme fear I experience towards every single thing in life would have been different by now.

I know we all face challenges in our lives but I believe some of the challenges can be mitigated by ignoring the outside voices. Yes, it is a big risk but it keeps us original and intact. It brings out more of the uniqueness in everybody and helps with our mental health as well.

The outpouring of all sorts of emotions that leave us confused and depressed are usually not from our own energy. Our energy is one and will always have a little of our character trait which will prevent the confusion. I believe it comes from listening to and accepting the wrong views of so many people around us. It is true that in this era, we need to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to be abreast with current trends and contribute our quota to mankind. But we must always remember our emotional health is more important than the chaos of pushing a billion information headlines into our heads to show we are on top. That emotional point must be guarded with so much jealousy because the moment we lose it, we may end up spending a decade or more regaining it without even knowing it.

entrepreneur and real estate analyst